Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Highfields quilters become happy scrappers

Kathy discussing possible quilting projects using the strip cutter
The KoolKats made a 10 minute trip up the road to Highfields to hold a Scrap Happy workshop with the Darling Downs Quilters Guild.  Around 16 ladies participated in the workshop, and the most popular activity was cutting fabric stashes into 2 1/2" strips.  Kathy gave a presentation of her quilts made with jelly rolls or fabric pack strips, and various blocks and other shapes made possible with dies from the Accuquilt Studio cutter.

While the winter wind swept across the open Highfields plateau on the day of the workshop, we were pleased it wasn't held the following day, overcast, westerly winds, and thoroughly miserable weather!
Preparing the 2.5" strip cutter die for the Accuquilt Studio cutter

Highfields Quilters with their completed Art Nouveau Iris projects from Kathy's June workshop

Hello, My Dear Quilting Friends!

                                                     Happy Birthday Courtney!!!!

Hello, My Dear  Quilting Friends!

I am thinking of my sweet daughter today!  Today is her Birthday!  A day I will never forget, and I had no idea either back in my time what she was going to be.  The doctor said a boy.... the entire time.  From the sound of her heartbeat.
I had a boy already, Jeff... and for some reason since I looked like one of my Aunts I felt I would end up having all boys as she had.
I still had saved all of my dolls, just in case I did have a little girl.
Well 34 years ago today, Courtney came into the world.   She was three weeks early, and was born on my parents 25TH Anniversary.   Today my parents are celebrating  their 59th Anniversary!

Happy Birthday Courtney !!!!!!  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

                                                        Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!!

              Courtney and Jerry her husband ....They just celebrated 9 years!  15 years together!
                                             Happy Anniversary   59Years   Mom and Dad

                                                         Hugs Morgan   oxoxoxoxoxoo

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